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★★★★★ HKS rated – Mated: Have a Little Faith
Okay, wow!

I read the blurb and I thought “let me read the sample , this sounds good.” So, I read the sample , which previews 4 chapters . I couldn’t put it down , so of course I bought it right away. I read this in one sitting. I seriously could not put it down.

It’s very much a coming of age, second chance trope . And I love that! Malic is around 16 in the book and he’s in training to become the next alpha , as his father holds that current title. He’s young and he doesn’t like that destiny has seemingly planned out his life for him without his choice. He’s angry that he has no choice in finding love because to him , it was just determined in Corwin (who’s 14 at the beginning of the book) . He knows Corwim is his mate but he refuses to acknowledge it to his parents , to his pack, to Corwin , and most importantly to himself. He makes a lot of bad decisions that so often teenagers do. It’s not until he’s 18 that he realizes what he has in Corwin and just how much he’s hurt him. He’ll do anything to have Corwin by his side , because now he knows that Corwin would have been his choice all along.

However, Corwin (a male omega, which is apparently rare) knew from the very beginning that he and Malic were mates. He was determined to protect Malic and wait for him. Even at the cost of his own pain. His family rallied around him, and supported him . They were amazing. Years go by and Malic still won’t acknowledge their bond, and Corwin starts to believe that they will never be together because Malic truly does not want him. He travels , he learns to harness his omega powers , he grows up , he becomes so very strong and resilient. When Malic finally gets in touch with Corwin , in order to claim their bond , Corwin is furious. He’s hurt. And he’s no longer sure if he wants to put his heart back in the game. Malic will have to be the one to fight for his mate now because Corwin is no longer sure he wants to be with Malic anymore.

The secondary characters were absolutely brilliant. I loved Aaron (and Dale) and Sven, Winnick, and Lawrence. Corwin’s brothers were amazing.

I absolutely loved this book. It’s long but it flies through because the story just engrosses you and you can’t put it down.

I will definitely be checking out her other m/m books.

Thank you, HKS, for your review.

Please check out my other titles as well.

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