The Second Chances Series

ComingHome-400x600Book 1 – Coming Home

Dr. Ashlyn Gary is a successful trauma surgeon in Boston. A child prodigy, she made it through medical school in record time learning to heal physical wounds most would think difficult to overcome. Over the years, work became her focus, her outlet, and her hiding place. A young woman when she left Georgia to attend Harvard, she put a mountain of hurt and regret behind her when she ran away from her first love. Just a boy to Ashlyn then, Logan Hatcher is now a man with regrets of his own and fences to mend.

Dr. Bradford Fielding has long admired and watched Ashlyn grow and blossom before his eyes. As her colleague, he’s guided and mentored her. As her friend, he’s nurtured her, all while hoping that eventually she’d see him as he saw her – as more than just a friend.

When compelled to return home by unexpected tragedy, Ashlyn’s past and present collide in an all-consuming tidal wave. One Ashlyn will have to overcome, as the adult she is now, in order to have the future she’s long denied herself.


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