Two NEW Titles To Share With You!

I am very excited to share two new novels with you, my readers and friends. Once again, Reese Dante has created amazing cover art.

Mated-Have-a-Little-Faith-promoblock600 The first, Mated: Have a Little Faith, is a MM shifter novel. This story involves a true mate pair with an eager and willing Omega, Corwin, and a reluctant Alpha, Malic, who doesn’t think he’s ready for a committed relationship.

Future novels in this series will focus on other characters but will also include Corwin and Malic.


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BCD-The-Foundation-promoblock600The second, Behind Closed Doors: The Foundation, is a MM novel about a young man, Ben, just finishing high school and ready to escape his abusive home. As he prepares to reach for his dreams he is made aware that his brother’s best friend, Cord, has been waiting for his chance to declare his love for him.

Future novels in this series will continue the story of Ben and Cord.

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