A New Year’s message and update

A New Year’s message and update to my readers and friends:

As a new year begins, I wanted to thank everyone for the emails and positive encouragement I received throughout 2017, asking when the next novel about their favorite character was coming or inquiring about the continuation of several series which I’ve penned. I honestly had high hopes for 2017 as a writer, sure that I would be able to continue the full-time career I have by day and pen my stories at night or whenever I could find a stolen moment, much as I have before. And though the year began productively, it quickly turned into a battle to make any kind of headway as a writer due to serious health concerns which recurred from the past. Late in the fall of 2017, I required an additional surgery to work through the issues my health presented, and so I pray that I will continue to heal and grow stronger, and be able to give you, my readers, the tales of love and hope that I do so love to pen. So, continue to check back here on my website from time to time, and know that as new novels are ready to be placed into your hands, I will share that news and be grateful for each new opportunity I have to spread a little hope and warmth from my heart to yours. My first announcement should come soon, as I am nearing the completion of Behind Closed Doors: The Fire.




  1. Let me start by wishing you well. I have been following you for a while now and look forward to reading Behind Closed Doors: Fire. I fell in love with the characters with their drive to to achieve the goals they had set in life and still manage to work things out. Please take care and hope that you have a wonderful New Year.


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