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Coming Home – Fourth Book for 2015

This has been an awesome week watching my fourth title of 2016 go out to readers the world over.  Know that there is more to come for 2016 – Much more!  In the next few weeks I’ll begin to write the 3rd book in the Predatory Desires series.  As before I look forward to working with Reese Dante as she creates beautiful and exciting covers for my stories.  Best wishes and happy reading to all.

Pre-Order NOW: Theirs To Cherish, Predatory Desires #2

I’m so excited to announce that Theirs To Cherish, the second book in my Predatory Desires series is now available for pre-order with a release date of October 1st.  See the page for The Predatory Desires Series under BOOKS above or just click here to go directly to the Amazon page to pre-order.
Thank you to everyone who has read Theirs to Claim and I hope you will continue on to this second book.

Theirs To Cherish – Predatory Desires Book 2 (Coming Fall 2015)

I am grateful for those of you who have taken a chance on a new author and I hope you have enjoyed the first book in the Predatory Desires series. I am excited to announce the forthcoming second book in that series, Theirs To Cherish, coming Fall 2015. For more information, see the listing on the Books page.Theirs-to-Cherish-promoblock-coming2015